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Managing Photoposts

Photo posts are plugin-specific post types. The purpose is to create a photopost element for each photo post in the physical world.

Managing photoposts

Like usual WordPress post types, photoposts can be managed in the same way in the admin area. Categories and tags can also be set to simplify the management of many photo posts.

Plugin related content in /wp-admin

Photopost editor view

  1. Name and description of the photopost.
  2. Featured cover image of the photopost.
  3. Photopost meta-data which is used to set the position of the photopost on the interactive map, as well as other information.
  4. List of all submitted photodata. The checkbox (Verified) shows if moderators already verified the individual photo.
Photopost editor view

Latitude and longitude

Each photopost should contain the exact coordinates corresponding to the photopost placed in reality. You can use any GPS-service if you can retrieve the latitude and longitude value from photopost location.

Inspect coordinates using Open Street Map

Photopost Template

To map the photoposts in a consistent appearance, a page template must be created. When using an FSE (full site editing) capable theme, this can be done in the Editor menu item. In the template, the time lapse can be inserted using the shortcode [lensmark-timelapse] (1). The photopost-details can be placed at the desired location with the shortcode [lensmark-photopost-details] (2).

Example of a photopost single-element template (using Twenty Twenty-Three)